“Before I began with Laurie, I didn’t know much about the fitness industry or eating right for my body. I had always been athletic, but never really cared about how I ate. As my volleyball career winded down I knew I wanted to try something new. I was referred to Laurie by my teams trainer and I couldn’t be happier. In 3 months I lost 15 lbs and gained strength I had never had. With only 3 months of training for my first show, I placed 3rd in my bikini division. Throughout my entire journey Laurie was more than just a Trainer to me. She changed the way I thought about myself, and gave me the confidence to get on stage. After my first show I fell off the map and stopped training completely. A year later I contacted Laurie again and told her I wanted to compete again, this time for my pro card. Laurie was behind me the whole way, pushing me and encouraging me to be the best I could be. In my second show I placed 3rd in open bikini earning my pro card and placing 4th in pro.

Working with Laurie has changed my life in the best way, her encouragement and support has helped me change my life around and do things I never deemed possible. She pulled me out of a rut, and words cannot explain how happy I am to have been introduced to her. She is not just a trainer, but by mentor and for that I am forever grateful.”

Rachel Cohen