Lindsey Brennan

“I first came to Laurie 4 months ago. I was unhappy with my weight and how I looked.

I was very trepidatious pending my first workout. I had never seriously worked out before, nor had I ever even met a trainer. All I knew was what you hear about the stereotypical trainer.

From my very first workout Laurie made me feel comfortable, she made me look forward to coming back. I cannot even begin to emphasize how wonderful she is.

Laurie is incredibly knowledgeable. She works you hard but knows when you have reached your limit. She offers nothing but positive reinforcement. She has given me not only a body I am proud of but the self confidence i was lacking. Working with her has changed me inside and out.

I had given myself three months with her but can’t see myself not working with her now. The lady gets results!

Thank you so much!!”

Lindsey Brennan