Laurie Dickson

Laurie is a Team Isagenix Athlete

I believe you can conquer anything with the equation of drive, ambition, and determination. As a young girl growing up, I remember the neighbour boys asking if I could come out and play street hockey or challenge their latest BMX stunts! I have never lost that passion for competition, which branched out into an array of sports such as mountain bike races, long distance running, figure/bodybuilding competitions, and a World Cup Championship in Motocross Racing.

“There is no such word as can’t”… I have lived by these words since I was very young.

Seven months after giving birth to my first of two children, I entered my first figure category and was now completely hooked on the whole aspect of physique competitions. I hope to have not only mentored my children by opting for a healthier lifestyle, but for my many clients as well.

I truly believe that I have found my passion in life, and hope to motivate others to reach to a potential that they may have never exhibited or maybe thought they never could achieve.

Laurie Dickson